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The School of Mathematics organized the "With Numbers as Companions, With Hearts in Harmony" 2022 Undergraduate Freshman Adaptation Theme Activity.

Time:Oct 3, 2022 Author: Clicks:

On the evening of September 30th, the School of Mathematics successfully held the "With Numbers as Companions, With Hearts in Harmony" 2022 undergraduate freshman adaptation theme activity at Room 309 in Building Cui 3 on the Feicui Lake Campus. The event was organized by the College's Horizon of Hearts Association, and it was attended by representatives of the 2022 undergraduate freshmen. The activity aimed to help the undergraduate freshmen quickly get to know each other and adapt to university campus life and studies.

At the beginning of the activity, the students were randomly divided into five groups and conducted self-introductions within their groups to enhance familiarity. After a brief introduction of the event's schedule and game rules by the host, the students engaged in a series of games, including "Strong Wind Blows," "Number Bomb," "You Draw, I Guess," "Blessings to You," and more. In the games, each student was highly focused and actively participated, striving to achieve the best results for their respective groups. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, and the students' participation was high, achieving an excellent ice-breaking effect. Finally, based on the game scores of each group, rankings were announced, and corresponding prizes were awarded. The activity concluded with cheerful voices, laughter, and group photos among all participating students.

Through this undergraduate freshman adaptation theme activity, the 2022 undergraduate freshmen were able to enhance their understanding and familiarity with each other. It effectively increased the freshmen's sense of belonging to the school, helping them integrate better into campus life, academic studies, and opening a new chapter in their university journey.

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