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School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics of Hefei University of Technology was founded in 1978. After nearly 40 years of development, it has now become the main force and one of the important bases for the school’s talent training, scientific research, social services, and cultural heritage.

The predecessor of the School of Mathematics was the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section of the Basic Department of Hefei University of Technology. In 1985, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics was merged from the two parts of Mathematics and Mechanics. When Hefei University of Technology and Anhui Institute of Technology merged in 1997, the two disciplines of Mathematics and Mechanics of the two universities merged to form the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. In 1999, the mathematics section of the Department of Mathematical Mechanics merged with the Department of Physics to form the Faculty of Science; in 2007, the Faculty of Science was divided into independent Departments of Mathematics and Physics, and the Department of Mathematics became School of Mathematics in 2009.

 The School of Mathematics now has 5 departments: Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Information and Computing Science, Department of Statistics, University Mathematics Teaching Department, and Engineering Mathematics Teaching Department. 3 undergraduate majors: Information and Computing Science, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics. It has a master's degree in a first-level discipline of mathematics, and there are 5 second-level disciplines: basic mathematics, computational mathematics, applied mathematics, probability theory & mathematical statistics, operations research cybernetics. It has a doctoral degree in a first-level discipline of mathematics, and there are four second-level disciplines: algebra and coding, applied numerical approximation, applied probability statistics, and computational geometry & optimization.

The School of Mathematics currently has more than 100 full-time teachers, 20 professors (researchers), and 56 associate professors (associate researchers). One of the national "Ten Thousand Talents Program" teaching teacher, national teaching teacher, and a member of the University Mathematics Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education.

 The School of Mathematics has 3 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research platform bases. In recent years, it has hosted key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, key projects of the National Social Science Foundation, military industry 863 projects, sub-projects of the science and technology support program, and the national 11th and 12th five-year cryptographic plans projects and other scientific research projects, scientific research funding of more than 20 million yuan. Of which more than 15 million yuan is in vertical funds; 3 monographs and more than 300 high-quality papers were published. It is the first unit to win 1 first prize of Anhui Natural Science Award, Anhui Province 2 second prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award, and 1 second prize of the Anhui Natural Science Award as the second unit.

 The college presides a series of national-level education projects, and has won 1 National Teaching Achievement Award, 1 Anhui Provincial Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award, 7 First Prizes, 1 national first-class undergraduate major, and 1 national first-class course. 1 national-level excellent course, 1 national-level resource sharing course, 1 national-level bilingual demonstration course, 1 national-level teaching team, 1 set of national planning textbooks, and the country’s first set of mathematics digital textbooks "Advanced Mathematics", etc.

 The School of Mathematics is one of the earliest colleges in the country to carry out mathematical modeling. It has participated in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the American College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National College Student Mathematical Contest, the "Internet +" Contest, and the "Challenge Cup" National College Students competition of extracurricular scientific and technological works and the "Creating Youth" National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Excellent results have been achieved in these various competitions.

 The School of Mathematics has always been adhering to the spirit of "seeking truth in mathematics and building characters through learning". The School of Mathematics adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, and steadily promotes the connotative development of talent training, discipline construction, faculty construction, and scientific research, and strives to achieve distinctive features. We strive to reach the goal of building a competitive and harmonious school of mathematics.