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The School of Mathematics conducted the "Dynamic Youth, Joyful Growth" sports carnival series.

Time:May 4, 2022 Author: Clicks:

On the morning of May 1st, the School of Mathematics held the "Dynamic Youth, Joyful Growth" sports carnival series at the Feicui Lake Campus. The event consisted of two parts: a fun and quality development activity with curling and a friendly football match between teachers and students.

The "Dynamic Youth, Self-acceptance" curling fun and quality development activity took place at the East Wind Square on the Feicui Lake Campus. Participants were randomly divided into seven groups, and the activity was conducted through inter-group competition and round-robin elimination. Group members cooperated and communicated with each other, showcasing their intelligence and courage in an atmosphere of unity and tension. Each thrower made an effort to control the direction and force of their curling stone, using their advantages and wisdom to the fullest. After intense competition, the sixth group won first place, and the fourth group won second place.

Following that, the "Dynamic Youth, Exciting Enough" teacher-student football friendly match was held at the Feicui Lake Campus Sports Field. Teachers and students gathered on May 1st for an exciting sports event, with a match between the school's faculty football team and the School of Mathematics student football team. During the match, both teachers and students showed great spirit and enthusiasm. On one side were the composed and skilled teacher representatives, and on the other side were the energetic and determined students. The match was intense and exciting.

This "Dynamic Youth, Joyful Growth" sports carnival series is an important part of the School of Mathematics' "Walking the 'Epidemic' Road, Empowering the Heart" themed educational activities. Its aim is to enhance students' interpersonal communication skills, team cohesion, and psychological resilience through team-building and team communication.

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