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The School of Mathematics held the 2023 Summer "Three Rural" Social Practice Send-off Ceremony and Safety Education Conference.

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According to the deployment and requirements of the university's 2023 summer "Three Rural" social practice work, on July 3, the School of Mathematics successfully held the 2023 Summer "Three Rural" Social Practice Send-off Ceremony and Safety Education Conference in the fifth meeting room of Building A, Emerald Science and Education Building on the Emerald Lake campus. Relevant leaders of the college, grade counselors, and all team members attended the event.

At the beginning of the conference, Bangguo Peng, the Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee, introduced the preliminary organization and application for the 2023 summer "Three Rural" social practice for college students, and praised the students for their current achievements. Subsequently, the teachers presented flags to the 11 project teams.

Jiayi Cut, a student from the Statistics Class 22-1, spoke as the representative of the practice team. She expressed her full enthusiasm for the "Three Rural" social practice and emphasized the importance of safety. She pledged to focus on teamwork, maintain close contact with the guidance teachers, and complete the social practice activity with high quality.

Hongguo Li, the Secretary of the College Youth League Committee and the team's guidance teacher, delivered a mobilization speech. He hoped that all members would firmly establish a sense of safety, adhere to safety bottom lines, and immerse themselves in grassroots work, listening to the people's voices and understanding the pulse of the times.

Renqing Fan, the Secretary of the College Party Committee, emphasized safety issues in the "Three Rural" social practice and made three requests to all members: First, to remember the responsibilities and obligations of young students, integrate knowledge and action, be proactive, and gain experience in the practice; Second, to follow the arrangements of the guidance teachers, strictly abide by team discipline, and enhance safety awareness; Third, to establish a sense of teamwork, overcome difficulties, successfully complete the assigned tasks, and fully demonstrate the youthful vitality of students from the School of Mathematics.

The leaders of the 2022 summer "Three Rural" social practice teams, Bing Liu and Ziyi Niu, shared their experiences. They elaborated on their teams' practices and insights in terms of safety, publicity, coordination, and results. They also discussed the issues and difficulties encountered in the practice, answering questions from the students. The atmosphere was lively.

After the meeting, all members studied and signed the "Safety Responsibility Letter for College Students' Social Practice Activities at Hefei University of Technology." In this "Three Rural" social practice, the college had a total of 11 approved projects, with more than 100 students participating. The teams will delve into the countryside and grassroots by means of visits, questionnaires, learning, and youth support for teaching. They aim to gain an in-depth understanding of the national, social, and people's conditions and receive education, enhance their abilities, and develop wisdom through practical experience, all while practicing the spirit of the 20th Party Congress.

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