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The School of Mathematics Develops A Series of Practical Events in The Career Guidance Called The "Blueprint for Mathmatical Dreams"

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In order to further stimulate students’awareness of career planning and effectively strengthen the pertinence and effectiveness of employment guidance, from May 10thto May 31st, a series of practical activities for the “The Blueprint for Mathematical Dreams”employment guidance was held on the Emerald Lake campus by the School of Mathematics. All undergraduates of grade 2018 participated in this event.

This series of practical activities are divided into three parts: “It’s You with Mathematics”mock interviews,the“Blueprint for Mathematical Dreams”resume production contest andthe“Research Path for Mathematical Dreams”preparatory book production.

On the evening of May 29th,“It’s You with Mathematics”mock interviews were held at 1710 Building B of Science and Education Building, Emerald Lake campus. The competition invited three students from grade 2017 who have signed contracts with New Oriental Hangzhou, ZW SOFT and Keyence (China) to serve as the judges, 24 students who were planning to find jobs participated in this activity. This competition includes self-introduction, situational question and answer, and case analysis for different employment positions. After the competition, the judges made detailed comments on the performance for each participant, and explained the interview skills such as appearance and language expression according to practical situations. In the end, 3 people including Chenyue Huang won the first prize, 5 people including Shuzhen Chen won the second prize, and 7 people including Liangqing Huang won the third prize.

From the May 15thto 31st, the“Blueprint for Mathematical Dreams”resume production contestwas held on theEmerald Lake campus, which attracted 192 participants.After inviting outstanding students of 2017 to conduct online resume production teaching and one-one revisions, and excellent resume evaluations, a total of 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 15 third prizes were selected.

Furthmore, at the time that 2017 graduates are about to leave the school, the experiences of the graduating class have been collected, which covers materials for postgraduate entrance examination, study overseas and recommended exempt graduate and are complied as the “Research Path for Mathematical Dreams”preparatory book. This book will be distributed to 2018 students through online platform in the form of electronic version in the later stage, to provide guidance and help those students who intend to enter a higher education.

This series of practical activities for the “The Blueprint for Mathematical Dreams”employment guidance are an important part of the schools’“One Academy, One Product” project “πplan” peer assistance and graduating class’activities of “I Do Practical Things for Teachers and Students”. School is innovative in incorporate 2017 outstanding students into the employment guidance team system, and give full play to the role of peer seniors in the career planning of 2018 students through interview guidance, resume revision and experience writing, so as to stimulate the inner employment motivation of junior students, encourage graduates to love and prosper school with practical action and contribute their youth power to the construction and development to the university.

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