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Major of Information and Computing Science

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The information and computing science major began to enroll students in 1999, and was established as a provincial-level specialty major in 2008. This major is based on the educational philosophy and purpose of Hefei University of Technology, and on the basis of clarifying the characteristics and development direction of the university, focusing on connotation. Relying on mathematics, this major introduced computer-related professional courses to adapt to the current rapid development of information technology, especially the popular big data and the development of artificial intelligence technology that are highly supported by our country. Because of this kind of interdisciplinary specialty, it not only provides students with basic mathematics knowledge, but also provides students with learning and exercise of practical ability. The particularity of its interdisciplinary specialty has become one of the characteristics and highlights.

The professional teaching team has a reasonable structure and a high overall quality level. Almost all have a dual academic background in mathematics and computer, and all have a doctoral degree. There are 28 National Natural Science Foundation projects with a per capita funding of more than 100,000 Yuan. The training objectives are clear, and the professional quality is high. In order to better improve students’ hands-on ability, this major has cooperated with companies many times to provide students with a good internship base. At the same time, students of this major have outstanding and innovative performance in various provincial competitions and above. Good professional positioning and clear development goals have created conditions and provided a good platform for students to enter the society after graduation. The employment rate of students graduating from this major has reached 97%, and the rate of entering graduate school in China and abroad is high. Graduates receive high recognition and good overall evaluation.

Responsible Person of this Major: Professor Zhu, Shixin,

Professor Zhu’s research area mainly focuses on Algebraic Coding Theory, Sequence Cipher Theory, Ring Theory, the Theory of Finite Fields. He has been teaching undergraduate courses “Algebraic Coding”, “Higher Mathematics” and graduate course “Matrix Theory” over the years.

Professor Zhu is Level-2 Professor (Professors in China fall into 4 levels), Ph.D. supervisor. He is now the dean of the college of Mathematics. He was awarded “National Teaching Master” by the National Educational Ministry of Educational in 2007; “Special allowances experts of the State Council” in 2008. In 2014, he was awarded the “Teaching Master Award” of the first national "ten thousand people plan"; member of the Teaching Steering Committee of University Mathematics Curriculum of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education; Head of a National Excellent Course, Head of a National Teaching Team. He was also appointed the Director of the Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Director of the Chinese Cryptography Society, Vice Chairman of the Anhui Mathematical Society, and adjunct professor at the National University of Defense Technology. He has won the Fok Yingdong Young Teacher Award in universities as a host, he won one National Teaching Achievement Award, an Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award, and three first prizes. In 2010, he won the "Top Ten People Who Moved the University in the 65-year history of Hefei University of Technology". He is the Principle Investigator over 4 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 1 National “Eleventh Five-Year” Cryptographic Planning Project, 1 National “Twelfth Five-Year” Cryptographic Planning Project, 1 Doctoral Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, 1 National 863 Project Sub-project, and 1 Key Scientific Research Project of the Ministry of Education, the Anhui Provincial High-level Talent Fund Project, etc. He won the first prize of the 2018 Anhui Science and Technology Award as a host. He published more than 150 papers, of which more than 60 were collected by SCI or EI. He also published 5 textbooks (including one set of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan textbooks) and one monograph. He has served as an expert in online or conference evaluations of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Famous Teaching Teacher, the National Excellent Courses, the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, and the Natural Fu

Faculty Members

 There is a well-structured faculty in this major. Currently, there are 18 full-time teachers, including 14 professors and associate professors. All teachers have doctoral degrees. In the past five years, the department has employed a total of 7 Ph.Ds. More and more teachers go overseas as visiting scholars. A total of 9 teachers have gone abroad to conduct visiting studies, which has improved the overall quality of teachers.

 In the past five years, the department has undertaken 36 teaching and scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial level and above, and won 5 awards for teaching or scientific research achievements at the provincial and ministerial level and above. At present, there are 1 national-level teaching teacher, 1 "National Ten Thousand Thousand Plan" teaching teacher, 1 member of the National Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum Teaching Steering Committee, 5 provincial-level teaching teachers, and 1 school-level teaching teacher.

For many years, the department has implemented the mechanism of “passing, helping, and leading” for faculty members. It organized and carried out trial lectures and evaluations for newly recruited teachers, and appointed young newly recruited teachers with experienced teachers as teaching instructors to carry out the “One on One" help and training. In particular, the department regularly carries out activities such as evaluating in-class lectures and other activities, to inspect and to encourage young teachers to accumulate their teaching experience and improve their own teaching level. In recent years, the department has set up course groups such as data structure and algorithms, database principles, etc. Through the form of group seminars, teachers gathered wisdoms in course teaching methods, experimental project establishment, and lecture notes writing. This has effectively promoted the construction of excellent teaching teams. The department organized teachers to carry out various education reforms and research, and encourage them to actively participate in various teaching competitions and teaching research activities.Moreover, the department regularly organized students to evaluate the teaching level of teachers, and develop strict evaluation standards.

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