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First National Class Undergraduate Courses:Advanced Mathematics

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Course Name:Advanced Mathematics

Course Type:Offline firstClass Course

Person in Response:Zhu, Shixin

  Zhu, Shixin, Level-2 Professor (Professors in China fall into 4 levels), Ph.D. supervisor. He was awarded “National Teaching Master” by the National Educational Ministry of Educational in 2007; “Special allowances experts of the State Council” in 2008. In 2014, he was awarded the “Teaching Master Award” of the first national "ten thousand people plan". He was also appointed the Director of the Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Director of the Chinese Cryptography Society, Vice Chairman of the Anhui Mathematical Society, and adjunct professor at the National University of Defense Technology. He has won the Fok Yingdong Young Teacher Award in universities as a host, he won one National Teaching Achievement Award, an Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievement Special Award, and three first prizes. In 2010, he won the "Top Ten People Who Moved the University in the 65-year history of Hefei University of Technology". He is the Principle Investigator over 3 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 1 National “Eleventh Five-Year” Cryptographic Planning Project, 1 National “Twelfth Five-Year” Cryptographic Planning Project, 1 Doctoral Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, 1 National 863 Project Sub-project, and 1 Key Scientific Research Project of the Ministry of Education, the Anhui Provincial High-level Talent Fund Project, etc. He published more than 100 papers, of which more than 50 were collected by SCI or EI. He also published 5 monographs and textbooks (including one set of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan textbooks).

  Course introduction:"Advanced Mathematics" is an important basic course for science and engineering, economics and management majors, and its content is closely related to the subsequent courses of each major. The aim of this course is, through the study of this course: (1) to let students master the basic theories, methods and thinking methods of "Advanced Mathematics", to provide the necessary basic mathematics knowledge and scientific thinking methods for the post-professional courses; (2) to gradually train students to have a good ability to abstract and summarize concepts, to have a rigorous logical reasoning ability, and a proficient calculating ability (3) to train them to use their existing mathematical knowledge to analyze and solve practical problems—their ability to apply mathematics in their professional fields; (4) eventually, to cultivate outstanding professionals and leading talents who can solve various national and local technical needs.

  Course Features:Hefei University of Technology "Advanced Mathematics" course is a national quality course, a national resource sharing course, an online course on the MOOC platform of Chinese universities, and a first-class offline course. The specific features are as follows:

  (1)High-level teaching team. The course team is a national-level teaching team, including 6 provincial“TeachingMaster” teachers and 7 provincial “Teaching Talents” teachers. Four young teachers in the team won the first prize of the Young Teachers Teaching Competition of General Undergraduate Colleges in Anhui Province (science group) for 4 times, among which rank 1 in the first prize winners for three consecutive times.

  (2)Excellent teaching materials. The "Advanced Mathematics" textbook written by the team in 2007 was rated as the "Eleventh Five-Year National Planning Textbook”, 2007-2009 electric power industry excellent textbook. In 2014 we published a first set of “New Mathematics Textbooks” in the Higher Education Press. Our digital textbook won the second prize of the National Textbook Award in the first National Textbook Construction Award.

  (3)Outstanding educational research results. The team has completed a number of major education reform projects in Anhui Province and the education projects of the National College Mathematics Teaching and Research Center. The team has achieved outstanding results in these projects. The team has won one second prize for national teaching achievements, one special prize for provincial teaching achievements in Anhui Province, Seven first prizes.

  (4)The team has achieved remarkable results in education outside of class. Team members acted as instructors to guide undergraduates to participate in the National College Student Mathematical Contest and College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest to achieve outstanding results. Taking the 2019 Modeling Contest as an example, 6 undergraduates guided by the team won the national first prize, and many won the national second prize.

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