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First Lesson of the New School Year: The School of Mathematics Successfully Hosts an Outstanding Alumni Lecture and the 2023 'π Festival' Launch Ceremony.

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On February 27, on the second floor of Building A in the Science and Education Complex, Mr. Yin Luo, CEO and co-founder of Wenge Technology Co., Ltd., an outstanding alumnus of the School of Mathematics, was invited to return to his alma mater to give a lecture on the theme of 'Living up to the Prime of Life and Pursuing Excellence.' The lecture was hosted by the Secretary of the School's Party Committee, Mr. Renqing Fan, and was attended by over three hundred teachers and students.

During the lecture, Mr. Yin Luo shared more than a decade of his experiences in studying, working, and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the challenges, honors, growth, and achievements during the establishment of Wenge Technology Co., Ltd. He reflected on how the four years at HIT were a crucial stage in laying the foundation of his life. He had fond memories of his mentors, such as Professor Jieqing Tan's rigorous scholarly style, Professor Shuo Tang's patient guidance, and Professor Zeping Qian's clear and resonant lectures. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Yin Luo posed an inspiring question: 'What should we prepare for our future during our university years?' Drawing from his over ten years of work experience, he encouraged the students to strengthen their physical fitness, cultivate mature minds, and nurture their intellectual strengths during their university days. He urged them to be well-prepared for their future lives by facing various career choices, setting clear directions, leveraging their strengths, and seizing opportunities.

Mr. Yin Luo's rich experiences, genuine care, and entrepreneurial spirit provided the students and teachers with a lively moral education lesson. The students enthusiastically asked questions, elevating the atmosphere of the lecture to its peak. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Renqing Fan highly praised Mr. Yin Luo's spirit of dedication to learning, expertise in his field, and willingness to contribute. He encouraged young students to take Mr. Yin Luo as a role model, care for the country, aim high, set clear goals, work diligently, and make the most of their time.

This outstanding alumni lecture and the launch ceremony of the 2023 'π Festival' are important measures to implement our university's requirement for the 'First Lesson of the New School Year.' It is also part of the School of Mathematics' fine traditions, aiming to boost confidence, unite people's hearts, create a strong learning atmosphere, enliven campus culture, and promote high-quality development in employment and entrepreneurship.

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