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The school held the unveiling ceremony of the Ministry of Education's "National Virtual Teaching and Research Office for University Mathematics.".

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On the afternoon of September 30, the unveiling ceremony of the "National Virtual Teaching and Research Office for University Mathematics," established by the Ministry of Education, was held at the Feicui Lake Campus. President Lei Zheng attended the unveiling ceremony and, together with Shixin Zhu, the dean of the School of Mathematics, unveiled the plaque for the "National Virtual Teaching and Research Office for University Mathematics."

The "National Virtual Teaching and Research Office for University Mathematics" is one of the Ministry of Education's first batch of virtual research office construction points. It is a collaborative project involving five world-class universities, Hefei University of Technology, Southeast University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Southwest Jiaotong University, as well as the Higher Education Press (the "Five Universities and One Press"). This project constitutes a group of university mathematics courses and is a national-level virtual research office. Leveraging the platform established by this virtual research office, they regularly conduct online and offline research activities that combine the virtual and the real, breaking free from the restrictions of time and space. The activities include course development, textbook creation, resource development, teaching research, teacher training, and sharing research results, truly achieving resonance among the "Five Universities and One Press," strengthening cooperation, and exploring effective models for the work of virtual research offices. This initiative is leading the way for the future development of national virtual research offices.

Following the unveiling ceremony, Lei Zheng listened to a work report from the School of Mathematics and held a discussion with young teachers and academic backbones from the school.

Officials from the University's Party and Government Office (Development and Planning Office), members of the School of Mathematics' leadership team, and others participated in the event.

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